What We Do

CAP60 is a leading provider of Centralized Client and Case Management systems for Non-Profit agencies nationwide.

Our Data Management system meets the specific requirements of a number of programs such as Head Start, Community Action Programs, Domestic Violence, Youth Assistance, Foster Care, ARC, HMIS, and Transportation programs.

CAP60 serves agencies in over 40 states nationwide as well as agencies in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. Our system is designed to track all the funding sources for your programs: Local, County, and State wide.

CAP60 can be customized to meet the needs of any agency with an emphasis in Self Sufficiency, Outcomes, and Productivity.

  • Nick Audette     With CAP60 we are collecting and reporting more information. We have been able to track the services of various programs and use that information for planning and grant writing. With the data from CAP60, we are able to demonstrate effective outcomes to the community and funders. –Mary Twitty , Family Services Director,Amarillo Office – Panhandle Community Services..

  • BMAC With Cap60, BMAC mandated a solidified, standardized and universal approach to data collection and entry. The obvious benefit for BMAC with Cap60 is the CAP Reports module. As confidence in our data improves, the CSBG Report becomes a strong asset to our agency. The Demographics Report is frequently used to satisfy requests from State, County and City governments with minimal effort on our part. The current level of integrity in our data is a result of our diligence plus problem solving help from Cap60’s support staff and we have developed a close working relationship with our Cap60 support. Questions or concerns are addressed in a respectable time frame; a definite rapport has been established. We now have accomplished automatic mapping of services to goals and customized services to clearly reflect program activity. Wave Massey, Coordinator, Blue Mountain Action Council

  • Community Action AgencyThe CAP 60 system is proving to be what we had expected: a solution to multiple needs within our Agency.  Our implementation has been supported by CAP 60 in several wir responsiveness has been a clear plus.  Their ticketing system for queries facilitates solutions by being user-friendly, easy to use and informative.  It is further supported by responsive staff.  Their communication during all phases has supported our efforts to improve process change roll-outs.–THOMAS TENORIO, COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY OF BUTTE COUNTY, INC.

  • Help CommunityHELP-New Mexico has utilized CAP60 for over five years. The ease of use, flexibility, and reasonable cost were the main reasons that we have chosen to remain with CAP60. CAP60 is an organization that pursues quality has rigorously as we do. This is evident in the development of reports and functionality that is easy for the user, and essential for the agency. The support team is very knowledgeable and responsive to the needs of child development and community action agencies. We continually are pleased with not only the high quality software, but with the communication with the company that meets our needs.–CHRIS MASTERS, HELP - NEW MEXICO, INC..

  • FACTinc300I am the database administrator for F.A.C.T., Inc. located in El Dorado, Arkansas. We have been a customer of CAP60 for approximately one year now. Our agency provides Head Start and State program services for 830 children. We operate 21 preschool centers (46 classrooms), 5 home-based programs, and serve 32 children in Early Head Start. In the past year, CAP60 has been very reliable and capable of handling all of our needs. The company seems very knowledgeable in Head Start requirements, in particular with the information needed for the annual PIR reports. They made the process of collecting the data for the PIR much more streamlined than our past database software had.–DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR,F.A.C.T., INC.